What does the doctor in you think?
Sudha Kamada
What does the doctor in you think?
A 60 year old male presented with pulsatile tinnitus involving the left ear, associated with slight hearing loss. Otoscopic examination was done and subsequently imaging study was ordered.

--> Describe the otoscopic findings.
--> What does the imaging study show?
--> What would be the course of treatment?
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S●●●a K●●●●a
S●●●a K●●●●a General Medicine
Can you name a few differential diagnoses though?
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K●●●l S●●●●a
K●●●l S●●●●a General Medicine
D/d ( other than glomus tumor) - internal carotid artery aneurysm, hydrocephalus, hyperthyroidism
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L●●●●●i S●●●●●●a M●●●●u
L●●●●●i S●●●●●●a M●●●●u General Medicine
Glomus tumour
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