What is Stress ? Stress occurs when perceived pressure excee
Dr. Atul Chowdhury
What is Stress ? Stress occurs when perceived pressure exceeds perceived ability to cope. Stress is created when your mind overrides the body’s natural desire to choke the living daylights out of an idiot who is driving you completely crazy.
Stress tends to occur when the ‘to do’ pile exceeds our perceived coping skills.
To control/reduce stress : 1. Increasing our awareness of how we react to stress is half the battle. 2. Much of the day-to-day stress in our lives is self induced.

Learning to identify your own stress triggers is a very important skill. Stress triggers are those events/happenings/people which causes stress in you.
Stress can be chronic or acute. We all have personal stress profiles. This explains why we can get upset by something that does not bother a friend at all. Learning about your own stress triggers is a first step in dealing with it. Note down your stress triggers.
1. Do you get stressed at certain times of day. ?
2. Do some people seem to trigger more stress ?
3. Do stressful situations arise more in your workplace, home or social situations.
4. Are there any particular connections that you can make ? For example, you get more annoyed by events after a couple of drinks.
5. Low Stress i.e. pressure is really good. This is necessary for us all, to ensure that we grow and develop both ourselves and others.
Dr Atul Chowdhury
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