What is your diagnosis? Justify it.
Dr. Hemshree Desai
What is your diagnosis? Justify it.
A 75 years old man presented with dysphagia, shortness of breath and some neck pain and tightness as well. He had similar complaint about a month back, received a 7-day supply of steroids. He has been having chest pain that is presented with a productive cough. He also states that he had several episodes of " blacking out " without falling once or twice a day since he has been taking steroids. He has been coughing every few minutes since the past one week. Previous breathing treatments have helped him but conditions usually get worse during cold weather. The patient is hypertensive and diabetic.
On examination he presented with bilateral wheezing and ronchi.
On further investigation increased creatinine levels were noted with reduced serum sodium. CT scan revealed Calcified plaque in the coronary artery and ground-glass nodules on the lungs.
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@ Hemshree Desai....pls tell us the Dx.?
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It is a case of CAD, CRF and Asthma.
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