What might be the underlying aetiopathogenesis??
Rutesh Vardhan Burru
What might be the underlying aetiopathogenesis??
36 yr old non-hypertensive,non-diabetic Female came with chief complaints of dizziness & easy fatigability for 5 yrs initially relieved by rest.
One month prior to admission, patient complained of east fatigability even at rest
2D echocardiogram revealed a mass on right ventricle, was recommended surgical intervention prompting admission.
On examination: Vitals signs are stable
Radiologic examination:
Chest X-ray; Normal sized heart, prominent left atrial appendage
2D-echocardiogram: large atrial echogenic mass(5cms*3.6cms) with well distended borders and appeared attached to inter-atrial septum, involving right ventricle in diastole pushing tricuspid valve leaflets obliterating right ventricular inflow.
Patient underwent excision of right atrial mass, which was sent for histopathologuc examination.
What might be the underlying aetiopathogenesis?
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