What will you do?
What will you do?
70yr old female,fungating mass on left mandible,ulceration on buccal mucosa,40yrs of tobacco chewing,no med history reported. Rx-mandibulectomy
Any alternate plan? & what do you feel is the prognosis?
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If the patient is medically fit, the ideal treatment should be Excision of primary with segmental mandibulectomy with free fibular flap reconstruction with left Modified radical neck dissection and post op Radio chemotherapy. ..Considering her age we can also go for Radiochemotherapy alone...
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We have advised all medical investigations before the surgery..once they are back we will determine if she can take a flap reconstruction or only the Yes radiochemotherapy sounds like a good option considering her age..shall look into that But even physically she seems weak..we are not sure if she can handle the radio and chemotherapy
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