What's the case???
Faiz Abbas Abidi
What's the case???
A male patient aged 55 years came to our hospital with the chief complaints of breathlessness, cough with sputum for last 10 days, chest pain for 10 days.
He has a past history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension for the past 1 year.He also smokes 30-40 beedi / day for last 7-8 years.
On admission :-
Pulse rate- 130/min
RR - 26/min
BP- 60/80 mm of :(
SPO2 - 92prcnt
On examination :-
P/A- Soft, flat
R/S- Rhonchi present
CVS - S1S2 (N)
CNS - All cranial nerves intact, conscious/ oriented.
KFT profile is normal
LFT is normal
His ecg findings are shown in the picture
How to proceed further n what's the probable diagnosis???
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