When Doctors & Dr Harsh Vardhan met!
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Doctors have also been raising their voices against sections 32 and 15 of the Bill pertaining to licensing of health providers and the entrance exam for post-graduate course/NEXT.

Read below to know How Dr HarshVardhan cleared all these doubts.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan met doctors and cleared their misunderstandings over some provisions of the Bill and explained to them that it is in the nation's interest and also in the interest of doctors and patients.

"Doctors had concerns about the NEET exam, the definition of the health provider and how it will be decided.

We informed them that community health provider is a concept of mid-level practitioners, which was also defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is already established in developed countries like China, Africa, America, England, Australia and others," Vardhan explained.

The minister added that the Bill, which was passed by Rajya Sabha on Thursday, will be beneficial for the medical fraternity and the country.

Terming the NMC, a transparent and honest Bill, he said, " This Bill will be beneficial to the medical fraternity, country, patients and all aspiring doctors. This is the most transparent and honest Bill. This Bill will also protect the sanctity of medical education."

The Bill will replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) by a National Medical Commission.

Source: ANI https://www.aninews.in/news/national/general-news/nmc-bill-protests-harsh-vardhan-meets-doctors-appeals-to-end-strike20190802124733/
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Why aren’t they defining Community Health Provider? Their work limitations, & punishment for such work limitations? And what about the NEET-PG aspirants? Why a lot of support to paid medical education? Rather than Meritorious medical education?
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Jolly grant medical College raised the corruption. Its first in the row.fee raised from 6.7lakh to 23 lakh for first year MBBS.7.25 to 20 lakhs. Video viral on Facebook by ndtv
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