'When My Son Tested Positive': A Heart Wrenching COVID-19 Ta
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A parent describes his gut-wrenching pain and fear that COVID-19 brought when it infected his son.

In September of the calamitous 2020, my son got infected with Covid-19. What followed was three weeks of mortal fear; fear for him, for my daughter and for my wife and I.

My son turned 15 in October and is a relatively calm lad. So it came as a shock when he approached us one morning in mid-September saying he was feeling feverish.

As painful as it was and with no medical evidence to support the decision, my wife and I chose to isolate him in our spare bedroom immediately.

We couldn’t hug him, hold him, or feel his forehead, we stole brief glances from the doorway.

The next step was to arrange a test - how to take him safely and where. The report was sent to me via WhatsApp the day after, positive with a high CT value - he was highly contagious. By the day of the report, he was into his third day of high fever and we were all now in formal quarantine.

The instructions were clear - if my son developed any other symptoms, he would need to be hospitalised.

This brought a range of new nightmares. Which hospital? How will we get a bed? Who do I need to call? Soon, another thought struck me - how do we pay for it? With our incomes hit hard after lockdown, and even though we had medical insurance, nobody had a percipient grasp of how much would need to be paid upfront or how much might be needed in total, not even the insurance company. My wife and I took turns to keep a 12-hour vigil at his door.

Cold showers, ice packs, air-conditioning on full, Crocin, Zinc, Vitamin C and a wide diet broke the fever on the fourth day. No other symptoms, nothing at all after that.

We stayed well away from the hocus-pocus advice that flowed in from family and friends the world over. Faith in Dr Debkishore Gupta, one of India’s leading infectious diseases experts, and following his instructions got my son out of that very dark tunnel.

For those who think money, immune boosters or family wealth will save you from COVID, it might. But it won’t save you from the most gut-wrenching, helpless, and completely useless pain a parent can feel.

Source: https://fit.thequint.com/coronavirus/my-son-tested-positive-caring-for-a-child-with-covid-19
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