When 'batti gul meter chalu' happens for doctors
A Bengaluru doctor was slapped with a bill of over Rs 60,000 by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) for his clinic even though he has not taken a water connection for the same. The High Court had to intervene in the matter and direct the water supplier to solve the dispute.

Dr. PL Prabhakara runs the SLV Clinic on the ground floor of his four-storied premises in Vasanthanagar. While he is residing on the first floor of the building, he runs the clinic in a portion of the ground floor. The rest of the ground floor is used for parking. In March 2017, the BWSSB issued a water bill for Rs 1,275 stating that the ‘dispensary’ had a water connection. Prabhakara filed objections. Later in May, BWSSB demanded Rs 71,801 from him as prorate and other charges. Aggrieved, Prabhakara filed an appeal before the Appellate Authority of BWSSB.

While the Authority is not in a hurry to complete the hearing of his appeal, BWSSB is forcing him to pay up the demand. Dr. Prabhakara, therefore, approached the HC.

“The clinic is neither a hospital nor a nursing home and there are no beds for admission and treatment of any person as inpatient/outpatient,” his advocate claimed in the HC.

When the building was constructed, a borewell was dug and the water from it is being used for all purposes including the clinic. The clinic is not connected with water supply from BWSSB.

Unable to bear the pressure from BWSSB, Prabhakara paid up the Rs 71,801 demanded under protest. It is now subject to the outcome of the appeal before the Authority. Dr. Prabhakara’s advocate argued in court that in spite of not having a water connection, his client has been forced to pay for it.

Arguments before the Authority was completed in January 2018, but the appeal has not been disposed yet. The High Court ordered that the Authority to dispose Prabhakara’s appeal withing six months.

Source: https://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/bangalore/others/bengaluru-doctor-gets-rs-60000-water-bill-by-bwssb-but-has-no-connection-yet/articleshow/66887504.cms
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Why Dr pravakar paid is not clear whether out of disgust or fear ! if fear what was that weakness! now nobody would believe he would get it back, but it' s sure he' ll get such bills from this month onwards. I very much pitty his condition.
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