When you literally go mad over coffee! A Case of Caffeine in
When you literally go mad over coffee! A Case of Caffeine induced Psychosis.
When you literally go mad over coffee! A Case of Caffeine induced Psychosis.

A 27 year old Man presented to the ER (Emergency Room) complaining of chest pain. He had been studying for his GRE exams and had drank 7 shots of Espresso (Black Coffee) to stay awake. Shortly after consuming the drinks, he began experiencing palpitations and moderate, nonradiating substernal pain.

On arrival at the ER, the patient’s speech was pressured and disorganized, and he had flight of ideas. He reported having been awake for about 72 hours, but it was unclear if he had consumed other caffeine-containing foods, such as coffee or energy drinks. He exhibited significant grandiosity, stating that he was the Son of the President, worked in Bollywood and that he “was born in the sun.” 


Physical examination results were positive for sinus tachycardia, but otherwise normal. In the ED, laboratory testing revealed normal complete blood count, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and comprehensive metabolic panel findings, as well as a negative urine drug screen.


Caffeine is a stimulant and functions primarily through inhibition of adenosine A1 and A2 receptors, which causes downstream release of excitatory neurotransmitters and at higher doses can cause blockade of GABAA receptors. In low doses, caffeine has mood-elevation properties, most likely due to the interaction between adenosine receptors and dopaminergic receptors. Caffeine is known to exacerbate or induce some psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis and mania. Caffeine use can trigger mania by a more indirect mode, through disruption of normal sleeping patterns
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Very informative, and important to make our young children read this, all stressed out with coming exams and then the competition exams, and all love their nocturnal coffee .
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True that!! We all love coffee. I got Cautioned myself after dealing with this case.
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