Which are the best eye drops for people with red eyes
Over-the-counter or prescription drops can treat red eyes. It's important to determine why eyes are red before treating symptoms, however, since infections and some other medical issues can cause red eyes.

Popular remedies include:
-Naphazoline, which is found in drugs such as Clear Eyes Itchy Eye Relief. Naphazoline is a decongestant that can treat redness caused by allergic reactions and minor irritation.

-Tetrahydrozoline, which is found in drops such as Visine. Tetrahydrozoline is a decongestant that, like naphazoline, clears redness caused by allergy, exhaustion, and irritation.

-Eye lubricant drops. Many drops are available, most of which use lipids to mimic real tears. There is some debate among eye doctors about whether preservatives in some eye drops are safe. Preservative-free drops are available.

A number of prescription remedies may help, particularly if an illness or infection caused the red eyes. A doctor might prescribe:

-Glaucoma drops to reduce pressure in the eyes
-Antibiotic drops or ointments to treat an infection in the eyes.
-Prescription artificial tears, which can increase moisture in the eyes and reduce irritation