Which option is true?
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Which option is true?
From the time she was 12, Deborah E. Savage recalled, her inability to lose weight became one of the defining elements of her life. And because she is short — 5-foot-3 — extra pounds were particularly noticeable. Savage joined a gym, but that didn’t help her lose more than a few pounds. She had painful acne and facial hair. Savage was having irregular menstrual periods, but doctors did not seem concerned. At times she went 3 months without a period; at other times they lasted for 2 weeks. In her early 20s, every year, she seemed to gain 10 pounds. The doctor prescribed oral contraceptives, which helped clear her skin and made her periods somewhat less irregular. In 2010, Savage and her husband joined a popular weight-loss program, she lost only about eight pounds after several months, while her husband, who followed the same diet, had no trouble shedding much more weight. By early 2015, she was desperate. She had stopped taking the pill nearly a year earlier, in hopes of getting pregnant; without it, her acne had roared back and her facial-hair problem had worsened. Savage was at her heaviest weight — about 240 pounds — and her family doctor warned that her cholesterol, at 210 mg/dL, was too high. Can you find out the cause ?

Option 1: Thyroid disorders

Option 2: Adrenal Gland Disorders

Option 3: Ovarian cysts

Option 4: PCOS
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The answer is option 4 - PCOS. You can read the full case including the diagnosis and treatment in my answer post here - https://www.plexusmd.com/post?pfpid=19014
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