Wht is diagnosis? pt had a history of Fungal infection.
Dr. Ravi Kadam
Wht is diagnosis?
pt had a history of Fungal infection.
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Is also called Jock itch (Tenia cruris). in genital aRea and inner thigh and buttocks .found in groin area ,it treat with azoles and allylamines. bcoz it inhibits enzymes lanosterol 14alfa dimethylas (its MOAof Azoles drugs ) then enzymes convert into lanosterol to ergosterole. which is imp components of the fungal cell wall .》》》》combination of topical and systemic therapy..like Tab Tacz(levocetrizine ) and antibiotic complex ,,tab Rantac ,cap intras (intraconazole) and cream Luliment (lalifinamine) ... Read more
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Ketoconazole topical application
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