Why Doctors Can't Manage Money
Doctors are one of our most esteemed professions. They’re held up as geniuses, seemingly unable to do wrong. Except when it comes to money.
A common stereotype, doctors are often lax with their finances. They rack up debt, spend too much of their income and fail to save for retirement.

God Complex, Late Career Start, Lack of time are just a few of the reasons why many spend their money on trappings that make them appear rich: nice vacations, expensive cars, maybe a boat and a large house.

'Doctors are used to being in charge and having people rely on them. They often find it difficult to trust someone else.'...

Reference - http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/071315/why-doctors-cant-manage-money.asp#ixzz4MwhT6o1O
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We have to spend more time for managing hard earn money then to earn.... Earn.... Earn.......
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