Why anesthesiologist is a medical ninja?
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Here's an article is written by Dr. Stephen Freiberg, an anesthesiologist.

• Anesthesiologists are the protector!

"Our job is to protect from the harm surgeon is causing. In order for a surgeon to help a patient, they take a knife, saw, drill, or hammer, and use it on the human body. The human body is in no way designed for a power saw to split open its sternum. Anesthesiologists make it possible for patients to survive such benevolent attacks."

• Anesthesiologists maintain the balance!

"We are experts in physiology and homeostasis. The surgeon’s job is to cut and sew and they should be provided with the optimal environment to focus on exactly that. Everything else falls under the anesthesiologist’s domain: The patient's breathing. Patient's blood pressure. Patient's heartbeat. Patient's electrolytes. That’s all for us."

• Anesthesiologists are experts in pain management!

"We use our mastery of pharmacology to ensure that pain is not experienced during surgery, but also to minimize it afterward. We use our mastery of anatomy, ultrasound technology, and neurophysiology to inject medications into and around the spine, or directly around targeted nerves, to modify or even ablate pain completely."

• Anesthesiologists are experts in resuscitation!

"When things get serious, anesthesiologists are the ones you want around. We put in the breathing tube to breathe when patients can’t. We put in IVs and special catheters in their neck and chest to deliver medications, fluids, or blood products. We manage the ventilators, infusions, and medications, that quite literally, will keep the patients alive. And we do it fast."

So where does this place anesthesiologists in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic? "Right on the front line."

"Patients with confirmed Coronavirus might also need surgery for any variety of reasons. At many institutions, anesthesiologists perform every intubation in the hospital. Emergency medicine doctors, pulmonologists, and a few other specialized physicians perform intubations. While they are undoubtedly skilled at doing so, anesthesiologists are the airway experts. If these other physicians have trouble, they call us. "

Source: https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2020/05/5-reasons-why-your-anesthesiologist-is-a-medical-ninja.html
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My daughter is doing MD in anaesthesiology second yr.sharing the article with her and they will be happy.
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