Why are Uterine Transplants so difficult?
Dr. Ahmed Farooq
Why are Uterine Transplants so difficult?
So far, there have been 16 uterus transplants in the world that have been reported, and eight were not successful.

In mid-September, doctors at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas performed four uterus transplants on women who were born without the organ. The uteruses came from living donors. However, three of the women who received the transplants at Baylor needed to have their uteruses removed after follow-up tests showed that in all three cases, the organ was not receiving proper blood flow, the statement said.

In February, doctors at the Cleveland Clinic performed the country's first uterus transplant, but the organ came from a deceased donor. The patient at the Cleveland Clinic who received the first transplanted uterus also needed to have the organ removed, because of a yeast infection that had developed and caused complications.

The main challenge for uterus transplants is

- The surgery is very new, so it will take time to perfect
- Uterus transplants are slightly more complex than other organ transplants. The uterus lies deep inside the pelvis and hence, difficult to access
- Uterus transplants can fail for the same general reasons that any organ transplant fails - Organ rejection, an infection of the organ or problems with the organ's blood supply

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