Why some men need to get mammograms, and even consider a mas
Earlier this year, Dr. Jason Dranove had a mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.

Yes, you read that right.
It's rare, but males can develop breast cancer and have surgery to remove breast tissue.

Dranove, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Levine Children's Hospital, chose to have the operation after a medical discovery unfolded in his father's family. It began when his uncle in New Jersey was diagnosed with breast cancer and, a year later, with pancreatic cancer.

That unusual combination of cancers led another uncle in Chicago to begin asking questions. And that led to the realization that the cancers could be related to a genetic mutation in the family.

"It's very odd to see breast cancer in a male," Dranove said, "but it's pretty weird to see two cancers like that in the same person."

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