Why the child can't talk ..??
vivek patel
Why the child can't talk ..??
Parents of a 4 year old boy complained of the child's special type of muteness characterised by -
-- lack of voluntary phonation and poor eye contact But remembers long poems learned years back.
-- self centered and lack of social play.
--lack of concentration and inability to do simple daily works (like brushing teeth and studies.)

It may be noted that -
-- A normal EEG report rules out the chances of apraxia and lesions to functional areas of brain.
--normal audiogram ruling out chances of hearing loss.
--normal Xray (skull) suggesting no abnormality in cephalus.
-- lack of aggressiveness ruling out the chances of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).
--normal speech muscles rules out the chances of Dysarthria .
Can you diagnose the case ..?
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Clinical pic more in favor of autism..lack of aggressive behaviour jus doesn' t r/o autism I guess...
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