Will Medical Workers Deal With PTSD After COVID-19?
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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It comes as no surprise that medical health professionals and other people in the frontline of the fight against coronavirus are expected to have a surge in trauma-related illnesses, particularly PTSD.

Experiencing the everyday horror of the virus, the death toll it takes and the loss of medical staff and others in the frontline further elevate the stress levels. And there’s also the fear of working next to fellow staff members who might be COVID-19 positive.

• Protection inside and out

To protect hospital staff from PTSD, people first need to feel protected physically. “It is vitally important to provide high-quality protective equipment for frontline staff,” pressed Dr. Michael Duffy, who has been at the forefront of work in trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for 22 years.

But even with all the gears available, medical professionals can’t be saved from the trauma they directly experience, and the consequences are long-term.

• The need to talk

In an article in the British Medical Journal, Neil Greenberg, professor of defense mental health set out measures that healthcare managers need to put in place to protect the mental health of healthcare staff having to make morally challenging decisions.

They include that hospital management must be clear and frank about the situation with the staff, with honesty about what they are going to face. The staff should be supported by mental healthcare professionals available for calls/other forms of early support, who can check on staff’s wellbeing regularly.

These are definitely difficult times we are currently living in. Doctors, nurses, and medical personnel are in the first line of trenches, taking care of all in need. We as a society must ensure they are also being taken care of, for we are in these trenches together.

Source: https://medicalfuturist.com/will-medical-workers-deal-with-ptsd-after-covid-19/
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