Will coronavirus pandemic get worse in winter?
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While researchers across the world are racing against time to create a vaccine for novel coronavirus, it’s not likely to be available for use by the general public anytime soon.

Meanwhile, some experts have raised concerns about the possibility of a second wave of the pandemic in winter, possibly much worse than the first one.

While researchers are very clear about how the virus will behave in colder temperatures, several reports suggest that it may survive longer during the winters.

Klaus Stohr, an infectious disease expert who previously worked with the WHO, noted that the epidemiological behaviour of the novel coronavirus will not be that much different from other respiratory diseases, which usually come back during winter.

The Academy of Medical Sciences, UK, also predicted that a peak in hospital admissions and deaths in January/February 2021 with a similar magnitude to that of the first wave in spring 2020.

A study, conducted jointly by researchers at IIT-Bhubaneswar and the AIIMS, also suggested that the decrease in temperatures will favour the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

What health experts are more worried about is that the pandemic may overlap with flu season, which usually starts in October and is at its worst between December and February.

Both COVID-19 and flu affect the respiratory system, so each of them may make the other one worse. Further, as the two diseases share some common symptoms, telling them apart can be difficult. This will hinder efforts in hospitals to identify suspected COVID-19 cases.

Source: https://www.newsheads.in/lifestyle/health/will-coronavirus-pandemic-get-worse-in-winter-article-63451
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Yes in winter coronavirus may get worse due to cold atmosphere
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