With so much at stake, it’s important to understand the fact
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Brain tumors come with some of the most life-disrupting symptoms in the human experience: extreme headaches, vertigo, personality changes and balance problems. They’re also unpredictable, making most anyone vulnerable to a diagnosis.

Sunday marked one year since the death of Sen. John McCain of glioblastoma, an especially aggressive and lethal form of brain cancer. But even benign brain tumors can be deadly if not treated in time, said Dr. Minesh Mehta, deputy director and chief of radiation oncology at the Miami Cancer Institute.

“The major reason that makes brain tumors dangerous is location, location, location. There is not a portion of the brain that is irrelevant or trivial or useless,” Mehta told TODAY.

Here are 10 common brain tumor myths to know about:

1. Cell phones cause brain cancer

Cell phones use low levels of radiofrequency energy. How does that affect people who spend much of the day with a phone pressed against their ear? At this time, there isn’t science to link health problems to cell phone use, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted.

2. Consuming aspartame causes brain tumors

The artificial sweetener has been used in sodas, chewing gum and other foods since the 1980s. As it was tested, very large “mega” doses were fed to rodents — far greater than what any human would consume — as part of the research process, and some of the animals developed certain tumors, Mehta said, leading to rumors and concerns.

“But there’s no evidence that they actually developed brain tumors,” he said. “In humans, there’s absolutely no evidence that occurs.”

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