Woman, Newborn Die After Class 8 Dropout Performs C-section
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In a shocking incident of medical negligence reported from Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, a woman and her newborn baby bled to death after a Class 8 dropout, employed at a local village clinic, performed a Caesarean section on the expectant mother with a shaving blade. The woman died after Rajendra Shukla, 30, used a shaving blade and performed a C-section surgery on her to take the baby out of her womb. The baby died minutes after the birth.

According to sources, Shukla was employed at a private hospital in Saini village by Rajesh Sahni to perform surgeries at the facility. Local sources claimed Sahni used to run his unregistered medical facility with quacks and midwives. Meanwhile, the district police authorities brought the incident to the notice of Sultanpur chief medical officer (CMO) to act against such illegal clinics operating in the district putting the lives of people at stake.

Both Shukla and Sahni were arrested and booked following a police complaint by the woman's husband Rajaram. The incident surfaced when Rajaram filed a complaint that his wife and newborn child died due to medical negligence, Sultanpur SP Arvind Chaturvedi said. “We found that it was an unregistered clinic with no infrastructure to perform surgeries. Quacks used razor blades to conduct operations," said the SP.

"There an auxiliary nurse examined and told Rajaram to move her to the hospital as her condition was critical," he said, adding when Rajaram took his wife to Hospital where Rajendra Shukla performed the C-section on her and when the patient started bleeding profusely on the makeshift operation table, he asked Rajaram to take her to the district hospital. As her condition worsened, the woman was brought to KGMU Trauma Centre, Lucknow, where she succumbed.

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Funny.Every absurd things plausible in India, who knows in future these people will be sent for further training .
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