Woman Regains Hearing In Left Ear After 50 Years Thanks To I
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A woman will enjoy the gift of hearing from her left ear again. After 50 years of single-sided deafness caused by a disease known as cholesteatoma, a noncancerous skin growth that can develop in the middle section of the ear and behind the eardrum, new hearing technology will allow her to ring in the season and truly enjoy the sounds of the holidays.

She received the new bone-conduction Cochlear Osia® 2 System implant. After surgery to implant the internal portion of the device under the skin, the new implant was attached and connected the device’s external sound processor, calibrated it to patient's optimal hearing level and activated the system on October 13.

We are one of a number of systems across the country implanting this new technology which works by conducting the sounds through the bones of the skull, said Dr. Angster, a neurotology surgeon with the Henry Ford Department of Otolaryngology. This new bone-anchored hearing aid is more comfortable for patients and it’s innovative because it eliminates much of the feedback that exists with traditional cochlear implants.

The system conducts sound through patient's inner ears and hearing nerves but skips the middle ear where she had problems hearing, said Dr. Angster. The new implanted device has restored a world of sounds the patient hasn’t heard in 50 years. She hopes that others who suffer from single-sided deafness explore the new technology and how it can improve their lives.

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