Woman battling brain tumour, AIIMS says surgery only in 2020
In an irony of fate, 65-year-old Ramarati Devi, who is battling a brain tumour and needs immediate surgery, has been given a date as early as February 20, 2020 by doctors at AIIMS citing “unavailability” of beds.

A native of Bihar’s Chhapra district, Devi was referred to the neurosurgery department of the institute by doctors at a government hospital in Patna.

Her farmer son Gulab Thakur says: “Doctors at AIIMS have said a surgery is needed but given a date of February 20, 2020 citing unavailability of beds.

“It will be too late... my mother will die. I am a poor man. I do not have money for a surgery at a private hospital.”

A despondent Thakur has been making rounds of the hospital in a hope get an early date....