Woman delivers baby after getting womb transplant from mothe
In a first in India and as well as Asia, a baby has been born from the same womb which carried her mother.

On May 18, 2017, the baby's mother, Meenakshi Walan, got a uterus transplant. Meenakshi's mother had donated her uterus to her because her daughter's uterus was damaged and couldn't conceive a baby.

And now, 17 months after getting her mother's womb, Meenakshi has delivered a baby girl at the Galaxy Care Hospital in Pune. Meenakshi, 27, was kept under observation for a few months after her transplant. In March this year, the embryo was transferred to her new uterus. And after 31 weeks and 5 days (over 7 months), Meenakshi prematurely underwent a cesarean section.

This is in fact a very proud moment for India, as figures show that this is the twelfth baby in the world to be born through a uterus transplant. Nine such babies were born in Sweden, two in the United States, and now this is the first one in all of Asia.

The surgeon reiterated that India made it happen. Today the whole world's medical fraternity is keeping an eye on this case and Dr Puntambekar, who made India and Asia proud.

Read more here: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/maharashtra/story/woman-delivers-baby-after-getting-womb-transplant-from-mother-in-pune-hospital-1370346-2018-10-18?utm_source=rss
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You made Indians proud. All the best
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Great work.
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Such a great achievement for every medical fraternity
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