Women's bodies can filter out 'unwanted' sperm to secure the
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The female body has the final say on which sperm fertilizes its eggs to avoid inbreeding and create healthy babies, scientists have discovered. Researchers from Finland explored how individual women's cervical mucus impacted on the performance of different men's sperm.

They found that sperm fared better if they came from a genetically better-matched partner — one with dissimilar so-called 'human leukocyte antigen' immune genes. These genes help create proteins that are key to the functioning of the immune system and the more diverse the genes, the stronger the resulting immune capacity. in addition, picking a mate with a different set of genes helps the body reduce the risk of inbreeding, which can lead to poor offspring health.

In their study, researchers activate sperm from eight male donors with either cervical mucus or follicular fluid — the liquid that surrounds immature egg cells, or 'oocytes', as they developed — taken from nine women.

'Cervical mucus is the first major barrier that sperm encounter on their way to fertilize the egg. It’s a complex structure that both help to protect the uterus from infection but also acts as a sperm-filter and possibly as a sperm storage site. The team combined sperm and mucus or fluid from each donor in all possible combinations — and analyzed the sperm's resulting motility, or ability to move, and other important physiological properties needed to successfully fertilize an egg.

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