World Cancer Day 2019 #IAmAndIWill
World Cancer day 2019 is being celebrated today around the world. The event is an initiative by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

The theme for this year - #IAmAndIWill is a 3 year long campaign (2019-2021) aiming to create global awareness about cancer and inducing a sense of contribution in every individual; either in form of support to cancer patients, educating themselves and others, dispelling myths and rumours about cancer and encouraging public communities like colleges, workplaces to promote healthy lifestyle.

In case of observing these early warning signs of the disease, an intimation of these symptoms to a doctor are must:

1. Persistent cough: can be a sign of a deadly disease like lung cancer.

2. Breathlessness: viewed as lack of stamina but the repetition of symptom should be consulted on an immediate basis.

3. Chest pain: can occur due to enlarged lymph nodes or metastasis

4. Loss of appetite: complaint of losing interest from food; a telltale sign.

5. Sudden weight loss: weight loss without any physical activity or strain

Here is a short primer for World Cancer day 2019.

Let us contribute to fight the menace and help in making the Earth, a cancer-free planet!

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