World Health Organisation declares Sri Lanka malaria-free
The World Health Organisation has certified that Sri Lanka is a malaria-free nation, in what it called a truly remarkable achievement.

WHO regional director Poonam Khetrapal Singh said in a statement that Sri Lanka had been among the most malaria-affected countries in the mid-20th century...
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D●●●●●●a S●●●a m●●●y
D●●●●●●a S●●●a m●●●y General Medicine
Really great
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A●●●●i s●●●●●●●n
a●●●●i s●●●●●●●n General Medicine
Hope we see it soon for India
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Dr. Q●●●●●i M M
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Great.There MMR is lower than India. Not many brands of medicine like us. We must study their model.
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