World Physiotherapy Day
Dr. Vaibhavi Rathod
World Physiotherapy Day
Physiotherapy is essential in many diseases & plays various role in health care.
Preventive,curative, rehabilitative, restorative & corrective aspects physiotherapy helps.
Physiotherapist gives life to Patient who left hope of living. After Mother, its physio who teaches to take Step & make patients able to walk .
Skillfull Physios r pride of national sports teams.
Yes WE ARE THE INTEGRAL PART OF HEALTH SYSTEM. Happy "World physiotherapy Day"
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Dr. S●●●●r M●●●●a
Dr. S●●●●r M●●●●a Physiotherapy
Thank u & wish u the world physiotherapy day
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V●●●●l Y●●●●n
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Thank you u to all physio
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Dr. S●●●l K●●●r S●●●●●●●y
Dr. S●●●l K●●●r S●●●●●●●y Physiotherapy
Wish u all the same
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