World Trauma Day: Guidelines for essential trauma care
Injury is an increasingly significant health problem throughout the world. Everyday, 16000 people die from injuries, and for every person who dies, several thousand more are injured, many of them with permanent sequelae. Injury accounts for 16% of the global burden of disease. The burden of death and disability from injury is especially notable in low- and middle-income countries. By far the greatest part of the total burden of injury, approximately 90%, occurs in such countries.

Being a doctor and one of the important stakeholder in trauma management, this World Trauma Day, 2019 let us go through 'Guidelines for essential trauma care' by WHO and continue saving lives!

These 'Guidelines for essential trauma care' include
-Airway management
-Breathing—management of respiratory distress
-Circulation—management of shock
-Management of head injury
-Management of neck injury
-Management of chest injury
-Management of abdominal injury
- Management of extremity injury
-Management of spinal injury
-Management of burns and wounds
-Pain control and medicines
- Diagnosis and monitoring Safety for health care personnel

Find the pdf of the guidelines attached below!
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