World's first IVF baby wishes world's second IVF Baby, a Hap
We always search for a common ground to begin our friendship with others. For Louise Brown and her "friend", the common factor for their friendship: first In-vitro fertilization (IVF) or 'Test-tube' babies of their respective genders.

And the best part : They're both the same age!

Louise Brown, 40-year-old Briton woman, the world's first IVF baby conveyed her birthday wishes to world's second IVF male baby, Alastair MacDonald through Twitter.

Louise was not the only one to wish Alastair, UK's Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic - witness to the birth of both Louise and Alastair; wished the latter with a heartfelt tweet.

Louise Brown's 40th birthday in 2018 marked the celebration of IVF as a ground breaking milestone in science.

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