Worsening security of Doctors in Hospitals: another attack b
Dr. Rohan Desai
Worsening security of Doctors in Hospitals: another attack by patient's relatives
Today, a mob of patients' relatives attacked a doctor and other hospital staff in Surat. It is high time that doctors' security and respect is taken seriously and strict measures are taken to make sure perpetrators are punished and such incidents do not repeat.

Message and video received via Whatsapp:

"Again a horrible incidence took place today 1:30 am, midnight at SMIMER where two Doctors n two para medical staff were beaten of by group of almost 40 persons and two Doctors were admitted in ICU. Resident doctors went on immediate strike for justice. Simultaneously Indian Medical Association Surat supported the victims & Resident doctors and all office bearers Dr Brijesh Patel, Dr Vinod Shah, Dr Hiren Makwana, Dr Hiral Shah, Dr Parul Vadgama reached to SMIMER. Meanwhile Dr Vinesh Shah, Medico legal expert called for expert guidance in the morning. He immediately reacted and talked with police authority also an within couple of hours, 3 among the offenders arrested under various IPC. This time again succeeded to lodge FIR against offenders under Gujarat Medicare 2012 act and also filled FIR against offenders under IPC 186(obstruction in discharging govt. services). , IPC 332 ( causing hurt to public servant )

Big kudos to Dr Vinesh Shah for his expert Medico legal advice & all office bearers of IMA as well as faculties of SMIMER for showing their unity."

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Dr. M●●●●●a K●●●●m
Dr. M●●●●●a K●●●●m General Medicine
I'm glad that Dr V Shah took the right step.We all have to show solidarity with our colleagues!
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Dr. H●●●●h G●●r
Dr. H●●●●h G●●r Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
This is bullshit, it makes me sick to stomach seeing frequent doc beat..its happening every where, i stay in chandigarh and here also these incidents occuring frequently..something solid need to be done..worse thing is that no govt. Do anything abt it and they say doctors are secong GOD..totaly sick..
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Dr. S●●●●●●●p G●●●h
Dr. S●●●●●●●p G●●●h General Medicine
This is what the people have come to. These incidents will never inspire new generation go for this noble profession. They will never choose medicine as their career. India will never be able to increase the falling doctor patient ratio if these incidents rise.
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