Worst phase of Covid-19 in India may be over- says Dr. Gilad
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Eight months into the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, the worst phase in India seems to be over, said Dr IS Gilada, an infectious diseases specialist and a leading HIV/AIDS consultant.

“It seems India has finally achieved the first important goal that is passing the peak! The Covid-19 peak may have passed in mid-September, possibly during 10-20 September 2020, considering various parameters,” said Dr Gilada, Secretary General of Mumbai-based Peoples Health Organisation (India).

According to him, to date, India has done over 8.1 crore tests and recorded 66,87,247 Covid-19 infections with a cumulative positivity yield (Covid-19 test positivity rate among tested samples) of 8.3%.

So far, India has recorded 103,629 deaths due to Covid-19, of which 70% were patients with co-morbidity.

“The downward trend [of COVID cases] is not linked to low testing numbers. In fact, the daily testing numbers have been on the higher side. Of the 8.1 crore total tests done, 3.1 crore were done in September itself, averaging 10,42,750 tests daily,” said Dr Gilada.

The country recorded 886 deaths on October 5; which was the second-lowest since September 1, lowest being on September 28 at 777.

“Passing of the peak is indeed the most important goal; however, subsequent surge can come, as seen in several countries of Europe. India being a vast country, some states may have different peaks. However, the states that matter the most for influencing Indian Covid-19 statistics – viz. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu have passed the peak. But, we cannot lower our guards. Mask remains the most important tool, till we have a vaccine or cure or both,” added Dr Gilada.

Source: https://www.deccanherald.com/national/west/worst-phase-of-covid-19-in-india-may-be-over-says-doctor-898182.html
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