Xanthogranulomatous prostatitis: Rare presentation of rare d
The present case has been reported in the Indian Journal of Urology. A 52-yr-old male patient presented with a catheter in situ, put in 14 days back, when he had developed acute urinary retention and high grade fever. The patient was started on oral antibiotics when referred to us. He had no prior history of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). He did not have any significant past surgical or medical history including diabetes mellitus or tuberculosis.

The general physical and per abdomen examination was normal. The external genitalia were normal and on digital rectal examination, the prostate was grade II, enlarged with a boggy left lobe. Biochemical investigations including a complete hemogram, creatinine, and random blood sugar were essentially normal. PSA was not done, as it was expected to be elevated, as the presentation was identical to prostatic abscess.

Ultrasonography showed normal upper tracts and bladder. On a transrectal ultrasound, the prostate was 52 cc in volume with multiple hypoechoic areas, suggestive of prostatic abscess. Under antibiotic cover, the patient underwent transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). The lateral lobes were mildly enlarged. After superficial resection minimal pus was seen from small, occasional pus pockets.

Postoperative recovery was uneventful except for mild urge incontinence, which settled within a week postoperatively. The histopathology was reported as acute on chronic xanthogranulomatous prostatitis with prostatic hyperplasia. There was no evidence of malignancy.

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