Your diagnosis Doctor?
Kevin George Mathew
Your diagnosis Doctor?
A 48 year old male presented with history of inability to retract prepuce over the glans penis since the past 30 years.
It was associated with burning sensation while urination and pain over the glans penis. There is no history of fertility problem (a parent to two children). No history of contact. No fever. No abdominal pain. No symptoms of any infection. No known comorbodities.

On examination, glans penis showed signs of inflammation and phimosis with whitish foul smelling discharge around the urethral opening. The prepuce was swollen. Bilaterally 2-3 inguinal lymph nodes of size 1cmx2cm, soft and non tender on palpation were present. No other lymph nodes were involved. Testes were normal. Abdomen examination remained normal.

What is your diagnosis?
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