Zero active COVID-19 cases: How New Zealand eliminated Coron
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New Zealand has announced on June 8, that it has eradicated the novel coronavirus. It has been 17 days since the last new case was reported in New Zealand, and June 8 marked the first time since late February that there have been no active cases.

#Q. So how did they do it?

• New Zealand enforced a strict lockdown for nearly seven weeks, in which most businesses were shut and everyone except essential workers had to stay at home.

• Experts say that its isolated location in the South Pacific also gave New Zealand a vital time to see how outbreaks spread in other countries.

• Just over 1,500 people contracted the virus in New Zealand, including 22 who died.

#Q. How was lockdown implemented in New Zealand?

• The country of five million people has pursued an elimination strategy to beat coronavirus, rather than just aiming to contain the disease.

• Elimination did not mean eradicating the virus permanently from New Zealand, but eliminating “chains of transmission” for at least 28 consecutive days after the last infected person left isolation, which would be on June 15, the ministry said.

• The officials, however, caution that new cases could be imported into the country, which has closed its borders to everybody but citizens and residents, with some exceptions.

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This is simply an amazing news. The level of education and maturity needed to eradicate /eliminate this disease, makes New Zealand the most developed country on this planet. I and my dear colleagues,who see the reality of India and indeed,cannot help but be amazed by new Zealand' s achievement,also feel hopeful that one day,India will report the same.
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Great at level..
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Not a wonder only 20 million people and rich in. resources.
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