Zinc Supplementation: A Potential Adjunct Therapy For COVID-
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The second wave of COVID-19 infections has shaken India. This wave is even more contagious and fatal than the first. Between April 25 and May 2, India reported 29.44 lacs cases, which is the highest number of cases reported by any country in any 7 days' period since the beginning of the pandemic.

The excess burden on the healthcare system is also being reflected in the alarming growth rate of deaths in the period. Zinc emerges as an important element of choice for the management of COVID-19 symptoms along with anti-infective and other antiparasitic drug.

~ Benefits Of Zinc Supplementation

There are several studies that support the effectiveness of zinc 50 mg daily in cases of SARs-CoV2 or coronavirus. According to a research paper zinc might potentially reduce the risk, duration and severity of SARS-CoV-2 infections, particularly for populations at risk of zinc deficiency including people with chronic disease co-morbidities and older adults. Studies have shown that zinc supplementation help in the following ways:

- Brings down incidence of infections
- Decreases oxidative stress
- Decreases generation of inflammatory cytokines

~ A Possible Therapeutic Option

Zinc has recently generated a lot of excitement as one of the promising candidates to reduce the severity of COVID?19 infection. Several published observations are the reasons why there is a global enthusiasm that zinc therapy could be a possible therapeutic option. However, the biggest challenge in realizing the therapeutic value of zinc is lack of understanding of optimal dosage of zinc supplementation.

~ 50mg Per Day Can Protect You From COVID-19

According to another research published in Clinical Immunology Journal, consumption of up to 50mg Zinc per day may provide a protective role against the Covid-19, likely by improving the host’s resistance against viral infections. Zinc deficiency has been associated with an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, including viral infections. Studies have shown that the zinc status of an individual is a critical factor that can influence immunity against viral infections.

~ What Is The Right Dose?

The right amount of zinc, that is, 50 mg, which of course is available in only few brands that can be counted on fingertips, would not only allow zinc to achieve its therapeutic potential against COVID-19 but also could circumvent the confounding multiple responses and efficacies associated with insufficient dosage intake of zinc, offered by majority of the conventional brands available in the market. This can also be used as a prophylactic in a lower dose of 20 mg. It improves systemic zinc levels but higher dosage is always beneficial in acute infections.