Zydus Cadila Seeks Approval For 'Breakthrough' Covid Drug
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Zydus Cadila on April 5 announced that it has applied for an approval for additional indication with the DCGI for the use of Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2b in the treatment of COVID-19. Zydus Cadila announced that its Phase III clinical trials with Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2b has shown promising results in treating COVID-19.

In what could be a breakthrough in the disease management of COVID-19, the interim results indicate that PegIFN when administered early on, could help patients recover faster and avoiding much of the complications seen in the advanced stages of the disease, the company said.

91.15% of patients treated with PegIFN were RT PCR negative by day 7 as compared to 78.90% on the standard of care (SOC) arm. The company claims that PegIFN reduced the duration for supplemental oxygen to 56 hours from 84 hours in moderate COVID-19 patients. A single dose administered early on shows high clinical improvement in patients, it said.

Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2b therapy has been very well-established safety with multiple doses being administered in chronic hepatitis B and C patients since many years. Zydus Cadila’s Pegylated Interferon alpha-2b, was originally approved for Hepatitis C and was launched in the Indian market in 2011.

Speaking on the development, Dr. Sharvil Patel, Managing Director, Cadila Healthcare, said, “We are encouraged by the results of Phase III study of Pegylated Interferon alpha 2b which has confirmed the potential to reduce virus titres when given earlier in the disease."

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