a 18 yrs old female presented in emergency with chief compla
Mehul Ruwari
A 18 yrs old female presented in emergency with chief complaint of haemetemesis with clotted blood and Malina too
patient was apparently well 4days ago when she
developed skin allergy a local dr. gave her dexamethasone and avil through I.v suddenly after 15min she start haemetemesis and
GI endoscopy reveals that abnormal vein burst in gall bladder that has to be treated with glue injection or coiling through eus guide
I don't know the exact procedure but
can anyone tell me complications of this injection
because last day she had undergone this procedure and infusion of this injection too
suddenly dr said that she has an obstruction in her bronchial tree which was not there before
is this due to the injection???
my another question is can this obstruction be easily removed without any resection of any segment of lung or causing any damage to air way?

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