a 20yr old male patient having backache and rt thigh pain in
Kumar K
A 20yr old male patient having backache and rt thigh pain in posterior and lateral region not going beyond knee from 2 years..
used to play volleyball 3 years ago.
pain started during studies and get worst in exams during sitting.
pain occur constantly in thigh whole of day from 2 years and is tolerable..
pain in back is in lower back most commonly occurs during sitting..
treated for ischiogluteal bursitis ....no improvement
treated for meralgia....no improvement
presently on physiotherapy..almost 1month but still no improvement(ift, hot fermentation, ust and exercise)
rx...indomethacin 25mg...od
ca tab...od
bcomplex tab...od
noticable swelling behind left ear ... around mastoid process..
some normal kind of acnes on back...
Tests done
1 hlab27....... negative
2 esr........ normal
3 ra factor .......negative
4 mri ......l4-5,l5-s1 disc prolapse
5 xray of spine
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Https://www.stoptheclot.org/patient-stories/desirre-mcclurg-rare-and-extreme-dvt-phlegmasia-cerulea-dolens/ it is one of the rare possibility but can be ruled out easily with coagulation profile & colour Doppler venography/angiography of bilateral lower limb
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Yeah, but the doctors ruled it out
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