A Blue Spotted Baby: A Case Report
Case - An infant male, born from a monitored pregnancy, in which no complications or abnormalities were noticed. The mother, aged 28, G1P0 and the father, aged 28, are both healthy and with no history of consanguinity. During pregnancy, mother was supplemented with folic acid in the first part of pregnancy and iron in the third trimester by mild anaemia. There was no history of drug ingestion or contact with potentially harmful substances during or before pregnancy. The delivery was by caesarean section for orthopaedic indication of the mother, at 37 weeks of gestation, after spontaneous rupture of membranes. The Apgar score was 9 and 10, respectively to the first and fifth minute. Birth weight was 2850 g and 46 cm tall, and the neonatal period was totally uneventfully. The colouring of the spots was similar, presenting macular spot without any aberrant skin texture or hairiness. Further physical examination was normal, particularly in ophthalmological, neurological and further dermatological examination. In subsequent routine visits, there was a good stature evolution, as well as weight and psychomotor development of the baby, with the consonant growth of the spots. At the age of 18 months, it was observed that the spots of the right hand and ankle could hardly be seen. Nevertheless, the biggest spot at the lumbosacral region remained big and with a blue-gray colour...