A Case of Neonatal Marfan Syndrome: A Management Conundrum a
Case Presentation
This 11-month-old girl is the first child of healthy nonconsanguineous parents, neither having a Marfan diagnosis (although not formally tested). There is no other family history of Marfan disease, aortic disease, or sudden death.

- Pregnancy and Birth
The pregnancy was planned. Anomaly scans at 33 weeks showed increased leg length, and repeat scans at 37 weeks demonstrated oligohydramnios. This resulted in steroid induction at 37 + 2 weeks. After birth, she did not require any resuscitation or special care but was found to have positional talipes. At birth, her length was 49.6?cm (>75th centile) and head circumference 33?cm (50th centile). Her birth weight was 2.335?kg (9th centile).

- Early Life
She was referred to a genetics clinic at 6 weeks due to concern over her physical features. On examination, her head circumference was 39?cm (99.6th centile) and length was 55?cm (75th–91st centile). Her head was plagiocephalic with prominent coronal sutures and a posteriorly positioned anterior fontanelle, and her posterior skull was turricephalic with a cone shape. Her zygomatic arches were prominent....