A case report of Curettage and Kryptonite® use in Proximal F
Intraosseous lipomas are the most infrequent primary bone tumor, lesions are mainly asymptomatic and generally diagnosed incidentally, and there is controversy about the management. Here, we present a surgery solution that has not been described previously in the literature. A 23-year-old female without previous morbid history consults a general physician because of unspecific left hip pain when walking, not related to any previous trauma or any other symptoms. In her study, radiography of the sore hip showed a radiopaque lesion with lithic aspect at the neck of the left femur. Intraosseous lipoma, in spite of being a rare condition, can be diagnosed incidentally by its radiologic characteristics. The treatment can be based on observation or surgery in particular cases objectified by clinic and Mirel score.

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