A Head of Department (HoD) in an institution need not person
A Head of Department (HoD) in an institution need not personally attend the hospitalized patient even if the patient is referred to him/her personally
Whenever, a patient is referred to an HOD directly, following precautions have been advised by the Court -

- The Head of Department merely has to ensure his/her availability during grave emergencies and that the team managing the patient is competent and qualified

- In appropriate cases, senior consultants can give directions to the other doctors managing the patient on telephone, especially during emergencies

- Greater care and caution is required in managing patients with rare diseases

- Medical records must be prepared with utmost care and caution. They are the best evidence in a case of medical negligence and are usually not disputed by the courts

- Delay in performing an emergency surgery after taking decision to perform one is negligence

- Take the patient and the patient's problems seriously. Inform the patient's relatives/attendants if the patient's condition is critical or the prognosis is poor

- Doctors/hospitals are bound to supply medical records to the patient/attendants within 72 hours of receiving such requests

Read an interesting case where the Court ruled in the doctor's favor below - https://goo.gl/gAuPo2
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