A patient with 36 wks preg presented to the emergency w
Dr. Ritu Srivastava
A patient with 36 wks preg presented to the emergency with severe anaemia. She had disapnea orthopnoea . on exam generalised body edema was present. uterus was 28 wks size feral heart 144/min . investigations hb 4.4 gms. but the peripheral smear revealed picture of CML. ultrasound showed a live fetus 32 wks with absent liquor. she has had previous 2 IUD at term .kindly help to manage
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Dr. M●●●n P●●●●h
Dr. M●●●n P●●●●h Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Hello mam. I think first step should be confirmation of diagnosis. Cml and leukemoid reaction needs to be differentiated. The only way is FISH or PCR. Leukemoid reaction can occur due to infections or severe haemorrhage. Patient is anemic and she has absent liquor. So these two causes needs to be ruled out. Then obviously u can have opinion of hematologist. Kindly update regarding management of this patient. It will be helpful to the new doctors like us. Thank you. ... Read more
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Dr. R●●u S●●●●●●●●a
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Thanx. Dr Manan, this pt labour was induced after an informed consent, she delivered a female baby wt 1.4 kg and is now under the care of paediatricians. as for the mother after transfusion of packed cells she is better, and a haematologic consultation is awaited .
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