A rare case of Franceschetti Syndrome (Treacher Collins Synd
The present case has been reported in the MAMC Journal of Medical Sciences.

A 22-year-old male reported with the chief complaint of pain in his left upper back tooth region for last 6-7 months. Past dental history revealed that he has undergone orthodontic treatment earlier for mal-alligned teeth in his upper and lower jaw. Family history revealed that his father and grandmother also had same typical features.

On extraoral examination, he presented an antimongoloid face with downward slanting of the palpebral fissures, sparse eyelashes on the lower eyelid, batfan ears, and mandibular micrognathism giving a “bird-like appearance”. On intra-oral examination, we found grossly decayed 27, partially edentulous arch with respect to 46.

The patient had high palatal vault and narrow mandibular arch. After taking the patient’s consent, he was subjected for radiological evaluation. Orthopantomography, anteroposterior (AP) view, lateral cephalometric, and submentovertex and paranasal sinus (Water’s projection) views were taken.

On the basis of clinical presentation and radiological features, the patient was diagnosed with incomplete form of Franceschetti syndrome with differential diagnoses of Nager’s acrofacial dysostosis, X-linked maxillofacial dysostosis, and oculoauriculovertebral spectrum. The patient was referred to higher center for cone beam computed tomographic view for evaluation of other craniofacial abnormalities but was unfortunately lost to follow-up.

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