A simple, no-cost way to increase organ donor registrations
Researchers published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that tests a simple, no-cost intervention that can double registration rates, thus helping communities gradually increase the number of prospective donors.

Some empirical evidence suggests that costly, labor-intensive educational programs and mass media campaigns might increase registrations. However, they are neither scalable nor economical solutions. To address these limitations, the authors conducted a field experiment in Ontario, Canada testing the effectiveness of behaviorally informed promotion interventions as well as process improvements.

They find intercepting customers with materials targeting information and altruistic motives at the right time, along with streamlining customer service, significantly increased registrations. Specifically, the best performing intervention, prompting perspective-taking through reciprocal altruism, significantly increased new registration rates from 4.1% in the control condition to 7.4%. The authors followed up with seven posttests to find support for their theoretical predictions and to explore the mechanisms through which the interventions may have operated.

This paper provides evidence for low-cost, scalable marketing solutions that increase organ donor registrations in a prompted choice context and has important implications for public policy and enhancing societal welfare.

Journal of Marketing
Source: https://doi.org/10.1177/0022242921990070