A Transplanted Liver Reused In 54 y/o Saves His Life : First
For the first time in India, a transplanted liver was reused in a 54-year-old man from Delhi. The first recipient of the organ had suffered intracranial haemorrhage, barely a week after the transplant. He was declared brain dead on October 5. His family insisted that his organs, including the liver, be used to save other lives, following which the National Organ and Tissue Transplantation Organisation (NOTTO) was informed. With all the necessary precautions and quality check using LFT, the liver transplant using the previously transplanted organ was carried out on the 2nd recipient. According to the doctors, the first few days are critical for the overall success of the transplant. Patient came off the ventilator with mental faculties completely intact and the liver enzymes did go very high, but with infusion of N-acetyl cysteine, we were able to control it. There is a possibility that a severe rejection episode may happen in the next few days and hence, patient is under close observation and monitoring.

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