Accidental ingestion and successful retrieval of an endodont
Ingestion of the endodontic instrument during root canal treatment is an undesirable yet not uncommon mishap in the practice of endodontics. Such incidents are on a rise owing to the increase in number of endodontic cases being performed by the endodontists and the dental practitioners in the modern times.

Serious complications may be encountered if such endodontic mishaps are not handled timely and efficiently. The present case report, published in the journal, Endodontology, discusses the management of a typical case of ingestion of an endodontic file which was successfully retrieved by an endoscopy procedure.

During the manual filing procedure, the patient had a gagging reflex. As a result, the file slipped through the finger and the patient accidentally swallowed the file. Immediately, finger sweep method was performed on the patient to retrieve the file. Thereafter, the patient's head was turned to the right side and sharp blows were delivered on his back. However, both the procedures failed to retrieve the file and the patient complained of excessive gagging with the sensation of something sticking in his throat, suggesting of possible esophageal entrapment. The patient did not show any sign of respiratory distress indicating that probably the file had been ingested rather than aspirated.

The patient was immediately informed about the accident and was advised to stay calm and cooperative. After few minutes, the patient became stable and was relieved of the discomfort which he initially had in his throat. Subsequently, the patient was taken to the Radiology Department.

The abdominal radiograph confirmed the presence of a radio-opaque object around 21 mm in length, resembling K-file lying in a horizontal position in the left hypochondriac region of the abdomen. Subsequently, a gastroenterologist suggested two options pertaining to the management: Either to leave the K-File in the stomach and wait for it to be expelled in the stool or to attempt the retrieval of the file from the stomach using an endoscope. Accordingly, the patient was informed about both the options. The patient consulted his family members in this regard and opted for the endoscopy procedure.

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