Acute kidney allograft rejection after Rx for metastatic SQC
The management of malignancy post kidney transplantation includes reduction in immunosuppression and referral to an oncologist management of their malignancy. Recent advances in oncology have resulted in the approval of several classes of drugs with immune-modulatory activity. However, activation of the immune system against malignant cells may precipitate allograft rejection in solid organ transplant recipients.

Published in the journal BMC Nephrology, the authors present a case of acute kidney allograft rejection in a 50-year-old man following administration of the novel immune-modulatory agent nivolumab for the treatment of metastatic squamous cell carcinoma.

Key Takeaway:-
The management of malignancy in solid organ transplant recipients requires a heightened awareness of the potential for allograft rejection in this new era of cancer therapeutics.

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